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All-Purpose Magic Cleaning Slime

All-Purpose Magic Cleaning Slime

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Do you want to experience cleaning at the same time as having fun? This Magic Slime Cleaner is perfect for you!

This colorful slime gel looks like a toy, but it is for cleaning and disinfecting your stuff effortlessly!

With sticky gel property, this flexible slime easily removes grime, dirt, dust, hair and any debris even in hard-to-reach crevices by deforming. It also kills >90% of germs attached on surfaces, while leaving a fresh lemon fragrance after disinfecting.

It can be widely used for any surfaces/ devices like a car air vent, dashboard, computer keyboard, fans and more. Ideal for both in-vehicle and household cleaning. 



  • Clean Without Residue
    This gel has great stickiness which makes it easy to remove grime, dirt, dust and any particulates. Leaves behind no residue on surfaces or hands!

  • 360° Cleaning Gel
    With the flexible gel property, it can clean hard-to-reach and narrow areas by deforming and stretching to fit the shape of devices.

  • For Any Surface
    Ideal for in-vehicle and household cleaning. You can clean any surfaces/ devices including your keyboard, mouse, screen, game controller, fan frame, car outlet, window track and more.

  • Anti-bacterial
    Effectively kills >90% of germs.
  • Keep Fresh after Cleaning
    Leaves lemon fragrance on surfaces applied.
  • Biodegradable & Non-toxic
    Made of biodegradable material, which causes no harm to the skin.
  • Reusable
    It can be reused until the gel turns to non-transparent.

How to Use

  1. Wash and dry your hands before use
  2. Before using it, gently squeeze and remove it from the package by pressing for about 5-10 seconds. 
  3. Gently push the cleaning gel against the surface of the keyboard and pull it out slowly to carry the dirt away. (Please do not leave the gel on a surface for a long time.)


  • Material: PE
  • Net Weight: 160g
  • Color: yellow, green, blue, pink


1 x All-Purpose Magic Cleaning Gel

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